How to Develop Your Personal Brand



This week for a class assignment, we were told to develop an E-portfolio. This got me thinking a lot about what having a personal brand means.  Your personal brand is what you want the world to know about you. Your personal brand defines you. It is everything from your professional linkenin account to your personal facebook profile. When developing your personal brand, you should treat yourself as if you were your own client or company. Here are a few of my tips for developing your personal brand:

Get Social. It goes without saying that social media is the best way to develop yourself professionally online. I suggest picking two to three social media outlets that your will be able to keep current and up-to-date (I find linkenin, Instagram and Pintrest to be the best for my personal brand). Be sure to update your sites everyday and most importantly, engage with your community!

Promote your own work: When you write and publish a blog post, you are only halfway done. You still need to make sure your target audience sees your content. I recommend to promote your work in at least three different places. For example, promote your blog on twitter, through comments of other blogger’s posts and on Facebook. Another great way to promote your work is creating an eportoflio. On your personal website, make sure to include your best accomplishments of your work, your resume, and a link to your blog.

Get Creative. Thinking creatively can help get attention and make your audience’s impression of you last. The best pieces of connect are the ones that are unique and individualized. One place I love to get creative is on Pintrest. Here, I recently created a board called “Simply PR” where I pin content to help inspire my blog posts. 

Track Success and Save Content. Be sure to keep a accurate log of any personal branding accomplishments. Examples of this may be how many times a person engaged with a particular blog post or tweet. In addition, save your work for easy access later. I personally use Hootsuite to schedule my tweets with the saved content that I previously created.

Most importantly, your personal brand should be something you are proud of. Promote your blog, save your tweets and develop a strong community to create a positive online presence

What tips do you have for creating an online brand? I’d love to hear your ideas! Share them in the comments below.




2 thoughts on “How to Develop Your Personal Brand

  1. I liked reading your blog post, I thought you did a good job at explaining the importance of personal branding. I agree it’s important to get social and I also think it’s definitely important to make connections with professionals or professors. Good work on the call to action at the bottom, it definitely makes readers want to contribute!


  2. Great post, Allison! We have definitely learned the importance of personal branding in the past 10 weeks. I agree with your point of getting creative because we all need to set ourselves apart from the mass amounts of people in our field, and finding a unique way to do that is important. I also think tracking your successes is important, especially when it comes to our blog views since that is how we know if we are marketing ourselves efficiently or not. Your concluding points were really interesting and inviting for viewers, nice work!


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