5 Thing You Learn as a PR Major


There are many tips and tricks I have learned throughout my college career as a PR major. Some of these tips are vital to your success as a PR practitioner and others are general advice about how to successes with your major in college. Here are 5 things I have learned as a PR Major:

  1. Collaboration


Whether you are working on a group project or a client’s presentation, collaborating with your PR team is key. Collaborations enable you to think outside your comfort zone and create new and innovative solutions. Take advantage of the profitability that comes with teamwork.

2.  Flexibility


As a PR major, I learned the lesson of flexibility through dealing with many clients for various class projects. Even if you have an idea of how you want something to turn out, when working with clients you need to be flexible. Flexibility is key when working with clients or in an ever-changing industry such as public relations. You never know when something will go wrong or you will have to deal with a PR crisis. Flexibility will enable you to be on top of everything and ready take on any event.

3.  Ability to Adapt


The ability to adapt goes hand in hand with flexibility. You must be able and willing to change your plans as the situation changes. As a PR major you must be able to adapt to new classrooms, teachers and peer groups.

4.  Embracing Technology


InDesign, Facebook, Instagram, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Word press- These are all platforms that any PR pro must master. Not only must you be able to navigate any social media, but also you must be willing to learn how to navigate a new social media outlets throughout your time as a public relations practitioner.

5.  Resourcefulness


Doing more with less is key. Sometimes, you have to work with what you got. Other times, you have way too much information and must narrow down the key items. Being resourceful will enable you to complete your task with minimal information.

These tips are just the beginning of the imperative skills needed for the field of PR. What did you learn as a PR major and what skills do you believe are curial skills to have for the public relations industry?


2 thoughts on “5 Thing You Learn as a PR Major

  1. I really like this list. I feel like it’s pretty explanatory to what we are learning at the University here. I would think that there might be a couple more things that you could add to this list, though. Like the importance of staying up to date on news, and how to build relationships with journalists. That sort of thing.


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